Enerprise culture

Zhejiang KEMAGE takes serving the nation and serving the public as its own responsibility. We are constantly developing with the advanced management concept,scientific management,excellent talents, advanced technology,high-quality products and best service. We warmly welcome friends from domestic and foreign business circles to have cooperation with us and jointly create a brilliant future.
  • Chairman’s speech

    To provide customers with high-quality and maximum value of professional products and services, with sincerity and strength to win customer’s understanding, respect and support.

  • Culture concept

    Good faith is the foundation of cooperation,tolerance is the premise of solving problems, innovation is the tool of development, and service is the fundamental to create value.

  • Brand image

    Target management→quality planning→process control→stage assessment→continuous improvement


Zhejiang Kema Engine and Machinery Co., Ltd

  • 27000

    Floor space

  • 500Peoples


  • 180Country/region

    Products Sold

  • 120Peoples



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